Company Profile

  • Vishvakarma Wood Crafts is an awarded wood craft firm.
  • We are proud to say that we had won awards at National Level in 1996.
  • For over a two decade Vishvakarma Wood Crafts have create the finest and beautiful wooden articles, actually created from teakwood and shevan.
  • The design of all this articles are based on Indian Classical Carving Art and Which shows workmanship.

  • We are specialised in creating Doors, Temples, Statues of God and Goddess, Sofa-sets, Lamps and some miscellaneous item like Majus, Patara, Gaadu, Mohiru (Indian Cultural item).
    Keeping the customer needs & special requirements of the customers in mind, we also provide customised item. For this items you have to explain or e-mail us a rough-sketch of the article the customer needs it to get prepared by us. The E-mail address has been given in contact us page. To buy any item please email us,we will be in touch in a short time.

    Values & Vision

    Our company belives in manufacturing rare and exclusive arts & Decor products. Our belief in traditional values to provide Excellent customer service has strengthen over the time. This has proved to be the our success formula and satisfying experience for customers. We always believe that the satisfied customers are repeat customers, our vision is to get elite customers by references. Since the past few Years our company enjoys status of the leading & trusted supplier of luxurious home decor for domestic Indian and International customers.


    We are eager to try new and unusual art and craft forms and materials. Creativity for us can be defined as making something new, something hard to do, appealing to art lovers and art dealers across the world. Designing new products for the requirements of space and ambience at the project is one such experience. The scale of project can be big or small. This can not stop us from doing research and manufacturing what is best suited for our customers requirements.


    Advance Technology is used for designing and communication with customers. We are primarily into hand crafted arts & home decors. This is the reason high machines & manufacturing technology is not used. the product we manufacture are so exclusive that trying to make them in quantity or bulk numbers will destroy its artistic value.

    Social Responsibilities

    We do allmost care for social and business responsibilities. We do not employ child labour. All products are provided certificate of origin. Our manufacturing units do not increase pollution. Saves electricity & Trees. Also Donate to selected charities.